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Frequently Asked Questions

I joined a server, but the emotes don't work. Why?

Presumably you've joined a GameWisp/Mixer emote server from our website lists or from #gamewisp-emotes/#mixer-emotes on our own Discord server. GameWisp emotes are role-specific and therefore not automatically synced with the server as soon as you join. First off, make sure you have the role that is required to get the emotes. If you're unsure, ask a member of staff on the emote server you joined. When you've gotten the role, restart your Discord client with [Ctrl + R] for Windows, and [Cmd + R] for Mac users. If you're on mobile devices, restart the application.

I got my emotes, can I leave now?

You can not leave the emote servers in our lists. You can leave our own "Ping and Salar's Emote List" server though if you want to, but I highly recomment not to leave, because we get new emotes and you maybe don't wanna miss them. Check by daily.

Where do I submit a new global emote server?

If you think you have a server that is not currently in our lists, feel free to join our "Ping and Salar's Emote List" server and DM a staff member about it

How do I get global emotes from other servers?

Step by step guide on how to get global emotes (Not your own emotes, but how to use others)
1. First off, find a server from our emotes page or from #gamewisp-emotes or #mixer-emotes on our Discord server. Join one (or more) that you find has nice emotes.
2. If you joined a server, restart your Discord client with [Ctrl + R] for Windows, and [Cmd + R] for Mac users. If you're on mobile device, restart your application. If you have any problems using the emotes, check out the other questions in here.
3. That's it!

How do I get my own global emotes?

It is not possible to create new global emotes, due to a change in Discord's backend.
However, global emotes made before this change will still be available, and can be found on our emotes page or at #gamewisp-emotes and #mixer-emotes on our Discord server.

Which emotes are global?

We currently have 3 own global emotes:
GWpingSock Emote - :GWpingSock:
GWpingPingedPong Emote - :GWpingPingedPong:
GWpingKanyeLUL Emote - :GWpingKanyeLUL:
More are in our emote list


Questions about our Server

I want to partner with P&S Emote List

These are the requirements for your server if you want to be a Partner with us:
• You must have at least 10,000 members. Why this? Because it wouldn't be worth it for us to partner with a much smaller server. As a server with over 120,000 members, we can't partner with every single server that wants to. There are small exceptions for only a few servers with very unique goals, but chances are they won't apply to just any server.
• Your server must be active. This is a huge deal. We can't partner with a server that has one message or so per day.
• Your server must not break the Discord Terms of Service. We do not want to partner with raiding servers, servers that post child pornography, or anything like that. If your server does not follow the Discord Terms of Service, we are not interested.
• You need to have someone from your server to represent your server on our server. You need to send someone, which could be yourself, to have the Partner role. We will also send a staff member to your server.
• You have to post us on your server where everyone can see it. Our server should be publicly visible, preferably in a partners channel or something along those lines.
• We can decide to end a partnership at any moment, and so can you.
• Please do not have too many partners already, as that will massively decrease your chance of becoming a partner.
• We do make exceptions, but not often.
Meeting all of these requirements does not guarantee a partnership.

If you fit those, you can DM any online Owner or Administrator, with your server information and make it clear, that you want to partner with us.

I want to advertise my server, how can I do that?

Advertising your server freely is not allowed. However, we do offer paid advertising in our #advertisements channel in our Discord server.
If you wish to have your server advertised in this channel, please DM @Pingmeister#0235 on our Discord server with a nice request for pricing. We do the following advertisements:
• Advertisement (No Ping)
• Advertisement (@here mention)
• Advertisement (@everyone mention)
By buying an advertisement at Ping & Salar's Emote List, you will be funding future projects and giveaways!

How do I become staff?

Being Staff on Ping and Salar's Emote List is a hard job, and you have to have the time, patience and will to moderate our server
Sometimes, we pick out people we see fit for the job in the chat, so be sure to stay active, but most often we pick out people from the staff applications
The staff applications are not often open, but when they are, we'll post them in #announcements

Do's and dont's
• Please don't message any staff member for asking to become staff member. You shouldn't ask "how" either, since you're reading this.
• Don't be discouraged if you're not picked for staff. We get many applications, and we can't pick all of them, even if there are many qualified people.
• If you've ever been kicked, or banned, you're not eligible for becoming staff.

My friend was banned, can he get unbanned?

We do not often unban people, but if you have a good reason, we might do so. You can tell your friend to appeal his/her ban here.
The appeal isn't a joke, please make it it professional. If you've previously been appealed, you may not be appealed again.

How do I change my nickname?

Our bot is giving people with names starting with a character like "!", which moves them to the top of the member list, a different nickname to prevent attention seeking names. This is to prevent bad nicknames etc.
There are 3 things you can do:
1. Switch between preset ones with ?iloveping, ?ilovesheep, ?iloveako, ?iloveblack and ?ilovesav.
2. Make sure to edit your attention seeking username (read the question above) or you will get a nickname again and then go back to your old username with ?resetname.
3. To change your nickname freely you must have the Special Member role by reaching 5000 Tatsumaki Server XP. In other words, be active!

Can I speak French/German/Spanish/Portuguese/Chinese/Japanese etc.?

No, sorry, to optimally moderate the server, we strictly enforce the use of the English language for chatting. If you wish to speak in another language with that person, consider DMing him.

How do I invite @EmoteBot to my server?

This bot is built and run by ourself to interact with our emote database. You sadly can't invite our bot to be run on your server.

How can I stop getting pinged?

Supress everyone pings

I'm an emote server owner, how do I get the Emote Server Owner role?

If you would like to get the Emote Server Owner role, just DM any Owner or Administrator on our Discord server with the server you own and a message that you want Emote Server Owner role. (It must have global emotes!).

I won a color giveaway or wish to buy a color role, what are my options?

If you've won a giveaway, you can see your options below and use the p!role <role> command to give/take roles from yourself.
If you want to buy a color role, do p!roles in the #bots channel.

Free Roles:

@Events Get notified for events

Roles For Sale:

@Blurple (500 Pepos) Color role

@Frozen Blue (500 Pepos) Color role

@April Fooled (500 Pepos) Color role

@Invisible (500 Pepos) Discord Dark Theme (Invisible)

@Dark Blue (500 Pepos) Color role

@Nams Salmon (500 Pepos) Color role

@Pink (500 Pepos) Color role

@Turquoise (500 Pepos) Color role

@Gold (500 Pepos) Color role

@Peach (500 Pepos) Color role

@Black (500 Pepos) Color role

@White Wool (500 Pepos) Color role

@Green (500 Pepos) Color role

@Crimson (500 Pepos) Color role

@Brown (500 Pepos) Color role

@Gray (500 Pepos) Color role

@Lime (500 Pepos) Color role

@Light Purple (500 Pepos) Color role

What are the different leveled roles?

On our server you can get rewarded by chatting! Amazing right?
For every minute you are active on the server, you gain XP through the @Tatsumaki bot.
If you reach different milestones, you are rewarded ranks with special abilities

Special Member gives embed/file perms and nickname perms. Also access to #special-giveaways
Super Member is above Special Member but currently rewards no further perms.
Omega Member is above Super Member but currently rewards no further perms:
Infinity Member is above Omega Member and gives access to #infinity-giveaways

The higher your rank, the higher your XP and therefore activity, so higher members are more likely to be chosen for staff if they apply.